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yplay {eatFeed items[-0].link -url http://del.icio.us/rss/{% 1 %s}/{% 2- %s}}
yplaylist uses a slight variation of Fuska's dluc command to return a 
playlist using the Yahoo Music EasyLister (formerly WebJay.org) web 
interface.  This should eliminate the need to cut and paste the url 
or bookmark individual music files from a single page on del.icio.us.

Of course to make this work you will need to tag pages that contain 
links to links to mp3 files accordingly.  Then you can open the most  
recent playlist for a given del.icio.us user as follows:

yplaylist [USER] [TAG]

See http://developer.yahoo.net/blog/archives/2007/12/the_easylistene.html

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