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Add an expense to the Xpenser.com personal expense tracker using their
API. As a parameter, enter the same text that you'd include when 
entering the expense any other way (email, SMS, etc.). You must be
logged in to Xpenser for this to work. Normal syntax is: name of 
expense, amount, notes, with tags identified by hash signs. 

xpns Lunch with Bill $66.60 lobster at La Expensiva #dining #client

(This will create an expense record called "Lunch with Bill" in the 
amount of $66.60 -- the dollar sign is optional -- with an attached
note, "lobster at La Expensiva," and tagged with "dining" and 

made by (e)nb(a)r 7-III-10
41 uses - Created 2010-03-08 04:18:23 - Last used 2011-04-24 17:56:16
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