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http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=%s&searchon=${s=names}{ifEmpty -value ${x} -then -else &exact=1}&suite=${v=all}&section=${repo=all}&arch=${arch=any}{ifEmpty -value ${mode} -then -else {ifThen -value1 ${mode} -value2 exact -test EQUAL -then &mode=exactfilename -else {ifThen -value1 ${mode} -value2 end -test EQUAL -then &mode= -else &mode=filename}}}

     udeb - search software packages for any release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution.


     udeb [ KEYWORD ] [-s SEARCH_TYPE ] [ -x ] [ -v RELEASE_NAME ] [ -repo SOFTWARE_REPOSITORY ]


     udeb provides commandline access to all of the parameters used to query the Ubuntu package
     information hosted at Ubuntu.com.  It was developed to be both comprehensive and as stop-gap
     measure for similar YubNub commands such as upk or upkg that are currently being redirected 
     to a new web interface.


To Search Packages:

             ("names"[Default value], "all", "sourcenames", & "contents" are valid search types)

     -x 1 (or any other value for exact search)

     -v RELEASE_NAME (or Distribution Version)
             ("dapper", "edgy", "feisty", "gutsy", & "hardy" are valid release names; "-backports"
              or "-updates" can be added to all but the development release)

NOTE:  The release name parameter is required when searching the contents of packages or files.
       See below.

     -repo SOFTWARE_REPOSITORY (or Section)
             ("any", "main", "multiverse", "restricted", and "universe" are valid repository names)

To Search Contents of Packages (i.e. Files) using -s "contents":

             ("i386", "amd64", "powerpc" & "any" are usable values)

             ("exact", "end", & "filename" or any other value can be used)


     Example: udeb junior-kde
     Result:  Returns search results on Debian Jr. KDE packages for recent Ubuntu releases.

     Example: udeb tron -v hardy
     Result:  Returns results for games based on Tron for the Hardy Heron release.

     Example: udeb bzflag-server -s sourcename -x 1 -v dapper-backports
     Result:  Search for the bzflag-server source package among the backports for Dapper Drake.

     Example: udeb cron -repo main
     Result:  Search for cron-related packages in the main software repository.

     Example: udeb nvidia -repo restricted
     Result:  Search for packages from nVidia in the restricted software repository.

     Example: udeb xorg -s contents -v gutsy
     Result:  Search for filenames containing xorg in the Gutsy Gibbon release.

     Example: udeb conf -s contents -v gutsy -mode end
     Result:  Returns the maximum 100 filenames ending with conf in the Gutsy release.

     Example: udeb hdparm -s contents -v gutsy -arch i386 -mode exact 
     Result:  Search hdparm files in the Gutsy release for the i386 architecture.




     Paul M. Boren
     pmboren AT gmail DOT com
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