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Searches the Toronto Public Library catalogue

Old implementation:

Searches the Toronto Public Library catalogue for books and media. When called without switches, it executes a simple keyword search on the whole catalogue.  But I've also tried to include all the options currently available from the advanced search page.  

These are the available search parameters:

search types:
-au    author name
-ti    title
-su    subject word(s)
-ser   series words
-per   periodical title

-lib      library abbreviation, usually the first letter 
          each word in the branch name, CAPITALIZED.
-lan      language.  MUST BE WRITTEN IN CAPITALS.
-format   item format. You have to know the code name for 
          a format to search this way.  
-year     year of publication
-age      approximate age category.  again, you need to know 
          the category codes.

The search parameters work in a perfectly predictable way, but the limiting parameters are very sensitive -- to use them, you should look carefully at the results of a normal search.  I haven't had time to document them yet.  

corrects erros in tpl2
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