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echo <a href="http://yubnub.org/parser/parse?command=%s" target="_search">Click to load "%s" into the sidebar
sidebarload -- Load a yubnub command into your browser's sidebar.

sidebarload [yubnub command and arguments]

sidebarload gim porsche
sidebarload gmini

This is useful for searches and other commands that yield a list of results.
For instance, "sidebarload gim porsche" will do a Google image search in the 
sidebar, then when you click on search results, they will load in the main 
The second example, "sidebarload gmini", will load the Mobile version of 
Gmail into your sidebar.  Then when you click on email links, they will 
load in the main window.

NOTE:  at this time it loads a link you have to click to open the sidebar.



660 uses - Created 2006-01-24 20:02:20 - Last used 2019-02-13 07:56:07
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