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(This command has been awarded a Yubnub Golden Egg)

reddtop -what {% 1 %s} -time {% 2 %s}
Provides a quick and easy way to bring up the top posts in a given reddit
category (subreddit). 

The syntax is redtop [subreddit] [time_duration]. Both parameters are 
optional. time_duration can be hour, day, week, month, year or all.  

The default subreddit is economics, and the default time period is one week.

For example, 
redtop       (the top economics posts for the last week)
redtop japan (the top posts for japan in the last week)
redtop pandemic month (the top posts in the pandemic category for the last month)

1151 uses - Created 2009-11-30 09:14:56 - Last used 2023-12-19 05:22:24
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