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(This command has been awarded a Yubnub Golden Egg)

echo <head><script src="http://elzr.com/javascripts/yn/lsplit.js"></script><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://elzr.com/stylesheets/yn/lsplit.css" /></head><body><div>{foreach {explode {match %s -pattern /^(.*?);*\s*$/ -capture 1 -as text} -token ;} -cmd echo {linktag [|url %25s|]!!%25s -t lsplit} -as text}</div><iframe src="{url {match %s -pattern /^(.*?);/ -as text -capture 1}}" name="lsplit"></iframe></body>
     lsplit (for Split via Links) - provide a way to easily access multiple YubNub commands on one screen via links

     lsplit cmd1;cmd2;cmd3

     Displays a set of links, one for each command, that when clicked, open up that command in the IFRAME (rest of the page) below.
     The commands can have parameters, and a command can simply be a URL.
     This is an alternative to 'split' for when you want quick access to multiple commands, but you either don't want them all to run except as needed, *OR* you need to see each full-screen (not in small frames).

     lsplit g porsche; y porsche; a porsche
     lsplit http://google.com; http://yahoo.com; http://answers.com
     lsplit iy tokyo; gim tokyo; flint tokyo
	 lsplit a bob dylan; wp bob dylan; g bob dylan; iy bob dylan; lastfma bob dylan
	 lsplit g yubnub; twits yubnub; gooblogs yubnub
     lsplit compete google.com; quantcast google.com; compete twitter.com; quantcast twitter.com

     elzr.com, based entirely on Randy's awesome lsplit command
	 Important differences:
	   * works in Firefox too (iframe needed to be referenced thru name, not id)
	   * first command auto loaded
	   * favicon fetched for each command's domain
	   * command name bolded in command link
	   * the commands are the window title
	   * commands opened are remembered with some JS magic, so going back and forth between command links is very smooth
	   * iframe height autoadjusted so no extra vertical scrollbars are needed
	   * loading iframe displays loading... message

     mash2, mash, multitab, split, vsplit
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