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(This command has been awarded a Yubnub Golden Egg)

A mash-up of Grazr, an OPML browser,
and tagjag (formerly gada.be), a OPML content provider.
The single argument is the search keyword for tagjag, 
and the resultant OPML is fed into Grazr for viewing.
rickdog - rickfriends@gmail.com

This command gives you an incredibly rich information source for any topic you 
enter. For example, "grazjag yubnub" will start tge browser on yubnub showing 13 
categories at the top level, each category contains feeds for many information 
sources.  For example in the "social" category there are feeds from 48 social 
sites for bookmarking, rss, collaboration, etc, the Grazr interface will let you 
read those feeds.  Look at what Magnolia has for yubnub. I can't think of a more 
complete information system on the web right now than this mashup, it really has 
everything that you want to research a topic.


Old implementation:
900 uses - Created 2006-07-02 07:03:46 - Last used 2017-09-27 22:13:28
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