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https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&tearoff=1&fs=1&to=${w=}&su=${s=}&body=%s[no url encoding]
Gmail Compose Advanced
Similar to the "gc" command for composing email in Gmail, but with advanced options.
gca [body]  = compose an email with specific text in the body.  
gca -w [someone@email.com]  = compose an email to a particular email recipient
gca -s [subject line] = compose an email with a particular subject

If you want to designate body text and use the -w or -s switches, make sure to have the body text listed first.

gca with no arguments will behave the same as the "gc" command.

One use for this command is if you want to email a URL you are viewing. If you have YubNub installed to run from your browser, just add "gca" in front of the site's url.
e.g.   gca http://yubnub.org/ -s Cool site!
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