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FriendFeed Search.

Find shared items such as news, blogs, photos, videos, music, etc.

Example: friendfeed social service

To restrict search to one service, e.g. to find videos on youtube, type:
friendfeed birthday -service youtube

To restrict search to one person, e.g. for user "bret", type:
friendfeed work -who bret

Supported services: Amazon.com, Amazon.comBlog, Blogdel.icio.us, del.icio.usDigg, DiggDisqus, DisqusFlickr, FlickrFriendFeed, FriendFeedFurl, FurlGmail/Google Talk, Gmail/Google TalkGoodreads, GoodreadsGoogle Reader, Google ReaderGoogle Shared Stuff, Google Shared StuffiLike, iLikeJaiku, JaikuLast.fm, Last.fmLibraryThing, LibraryThingLinkedIn, LinkedInMa.gnolia, Ma.gnoliaMixx, MixxNetflix, NetflixNetvibes, NetvibesPandora, PandoraPicasa Web Albums, Picasa Web AlbumsPownce, PownceReddit, RedditSeesmic, SeesmicSlideShare, SlideShareSmugMug, SmugMugStumbleUpon, StumbleUponTumblr, TumblrTwitter, TwitterUpcoming, UpcomingVimeo, VimeoYelp, YelpYouTube, YouTubeZooomr, Zooomr

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