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http://finance.yahoo.com/currency/convert?from={strleft {% 1 %s} 3}&to={strright {% 1 %s} 3}&amt=${amount=1}&t=${time=1y}
Uses Yahoo Finance to convert an optional amount between any two currencies and shows price history for the two currencies.

crncy Cr1Cr2 [-amount {AMOUNT}] [-time {1d|5d|3m|1y|2y|5y}]

Cr1Cr2 is here the combination of two currencies you want to look at, e.g. USDGBP converts between USD and GBP

-amount is an optional handle (set to 1 by default) e.g. -amount 100
-time is an optional handle that shows the historical price graph for the desired period (set to 3m by default), allowed inputs are 1d, 5d, 3m, 1y, 2y, 5y


crncy USDNOK        
- Converts between USD and NOK

crncy USDNOK -amount 50 -time 5y 
- Converts 50 USD to NOK and shows historical graph over 5 years.

Author: Andreas T
261 uses - Created 2007-08-06 18:18:56 - Last used 2020-04-04 07:19:12
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