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http://www.armory-light.com/{ifThen -value1 %s -value2 -test NOTEQUAL -then ${region=eu}/${realm=${r=search}}/%s}[use %20 for spaces][no url encoding]
Search armory-light.com for your or your friends characters. 

  * 'alight' takes you to our home page
  * 'alight <char name>' searches for the character
  * Specify a region like this: '-region us'
  * Specify a realm like this: '-realm Aegwynn' or '-r Aegwynn'

  Both the region and realm can be left blank. 
  If you leave the realm blank, it searches for the character 
  in the given region.

  * alight Mizzrym -region eu -realm Aegwynn (goes to a profile page)
  * alight Seferis -region eu (searches for Seferis in EU)
  * alight Phiola -r Aegwynn (goes to a profile on EU-Aegwynn)
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