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(This command has been awarded a Yubnub Golden Egg)

ifthen -value1 {scrape -tokens spell <i> </i> -dirs 0 0 0 -url {url[no url encoding] ${engine=g} %s}} -value2 -test NOTEQUAL -then {scrape -tokens spell <i> </i> -dirs 0 0 0 -url {url[no url encoding] ${engine=g} %s}} -else %s
        ?> [word(s) to check spelling] -engine [yubnub command for localized Google version to use in spell checking, optional, defaults to Google English]

        ?> cmbodia
        results: cambodia

        ?> paecekeeper
        results: peacekeeper

        ?> sucche -engine gde 
        results: suche (Because spelling "suche" --search in German-- as "sucche" is a common mistake of German speakers. Note that Google English wouldn't see this is a misspelling)

        ?> soni -engine ges
        results: sony(Because spelling Sony as Soni is a common mistake of Spanish speakers. Note that Google English wouldn't see this is a misspelling)

        ?> restaurant
        results:  restaurant (returns your input string if Google doesn't make a suggestion)

        A spell checker command based on Google's "did you mean" feature. This is not intended for end-consumer used, for that, use instead spck. This is a building-block command.

        You sometimes have to localize the spell checker and that's the function of the engine switch, as explained in the examples.

        If Google does not suggest an alternative, this command returns your original input string.

NOTE:  This command only works for single terms.  For multiple word input, please use the spllw command.  Also, for spell checking for use in other commands without piping, see the spll command.

        sp1, sp0


This command was created by ChicagoSage by making a few changes to 
the sp0 command by Eliazar (elzr.com).
Inspired by a comment by Kore7. Made possible by Sean O'Hagan's _amazing_ scrape command, and Allen Ormond's super fast strReplace.

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