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gfl site:{ extractDomainName { url {% 1 %s} } } {% 2- %s} [no url encoding]
       > [Yubnub command] [query]

       > wp Figures of speech
       results: the article in the English Wikipedia about Figures of speech

       > wpde Jonathan Ive
       results: the article in the German (de!) Wikipedia about Jonathan Ive

       > am The Future and its Enemies
       results: the page in Amazon for Viginia Postrel's book The Future and its Enemies

       > imdb Amelie
       results: the page in the IMDB for Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

       > cia India
       results: the CIA Factbook entry for India. (And this is is a much convenient than just using "cia", since then you have to know the country two letter code.)

       > cnn NYC transit workers
       results: the CNN article "New Yorkers walk as transit strike ruled illegal." This brings up a subtle point: this is not be the most recent article in the topic, but rather the most important article on CNN about NYC transit workers according to Google. So ">" can also be interpreted to mean: Quick! Take me to the most important page in this site related to this query.

       > lj annzah
       results: the LiveJournal user page of the user Annzah.

       > kottke just enough
       results: Kottke's post "Just enough is more"

       > / Shockwave Rider
       results: an article in Slashdot about Schockwave Rider

       In practice, what ">" does is search a "content" website through Google for your query and send you straight to the first result. It is convenient because it builds on your knowledge of Yubnub commands and because it is often more direct.

       Here's a more precise description:  Yubnub generates a URL by interpreting the 1st param as a Yubnub command, it then extracts a domain name from that URL and uses it to configure a Google Feeling Lucky search for the 2nd param.
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