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	Works just as "!ls", but limits your search to memos only. SYNTAX
	!mls [search parameters]     (searches all of your YubNub (aliases) memos.)
        !mls     (shows all of your YubNub (aliases) memos.)
	YubNub (aliases) is an extension for YubNub allowing you to
	create your own commands, shortcuts, memos, etc. using a YubNub-based
	cookies system.
	YubNub (aliases) uses several YubNub commands to operate properly.In order to set a personal command, such as
	a bookmark command use the !set command as follows.
		!set [personal command name] [command url]
	You can use !s just as you would %s in a YubNub command in a YubNub
(aliases) command, however, piping is currently
	not available in personal commands. Here are some examples of the !set command:
		!set fs http://flickr.com/photos/tags/!s/	(Sets YubNub personal
command "fs" to perform a flickr image search.)
		!set p http://www.yourhomepage.com/   (Sets YubNub personal command
"p" to direct you to your home page.)
	You can also create a memo by setting a variable with a block of text, as follows:
		!set reminder Pick up Sarah from Emily's party at 9:00.	   (Sets
memo "reminder" in YubNub (aliases))
	If your personal command URL does not have either "http://" or "https://" (for secure websites) in front of it, it is
	automatically considered a memo by YubNub (aliases).
	When trying to create or use any command for the first time you will be prompted to create an account. Cookies must be
	enabled in order for YubNub (aliases) to function properly. You will not be prompted your username and password
	again unless your cookie expires or is deleted.
	For setting command aliases, use the !seta command as follows:
		!seta [alias name] [yubnub command]
	You can use !s when setting an alias as well. Here are some simple alias examples:
		!seta w wiki !s (sets YubNub (aliases) command "w" as a wikipedia search)
		!seta pim gim site:putfile.com !s    (sets YubNub (aliases) command
"pim" to show images on putfile.com)
		!seta local gloc -what !s -where 90210    (sets YubNub (aliases)
command "local" as a google local search with
		       a pre-defined area, in this case Beverly Hills, CA)
	Piping is available in command aliases using "[" and "]", as follows:
		!seta agim gim [spllw !s]    (sets YubNub (aliases) command "gima"
as an auto-spelling-correct image search)
		!seta mimg splith [url gim !s] [url yim !s] [url flk !s]    (sets
YubNub (aliases) command "mimg" as a master
				image search, searching google images, yahoo images, and flickr images with the same query)
	After setting a command, you use the alias identifier (!) in order to call a command. Use the identifier as follows:
		! [alias name] [parameters, if any]
	For example, to use the "mimg" command above, you would type:
		! mimg cars    (performs a "master image search" on "cars")
	If your command is set for use as a memo, YubNub (aliases) will call it as such.
	To view all of your personal commands and command aliases, use the !ls command, just as you would the ls command
	in YubNub:
		!ls [search parameters if desired]
	If no search parameters are given, YubNub (aliases) will return every alias you have created. Command !mls will perform
	exactly the same as !ls, but limits your results to memos only.
		!mls [search parameters if desired]
	Finally, to remove a set alias or personal command, use the !unset command as follows:
		!unset [alias/personal command name]
	Or you can use the "Unset" link beside the command in your alias list (!ls). E-MAIL ERRORS, SUGGESTIONS, AND COMMENTS TO
	!, !set, !seta, !unset, !ls, !mls
	YubNub (aliases) was programmed and designed by Jacob Ensor of jjefferydesign.com. Stylesheets and design based on
	yubnub.org by Jon Aquino.
	YubNub (aliases) is an unofficial extension of yubnub.org and is in no way affiliated with yubnub in any legal matters.
	"!" commands are assisted by: % by Fuska, and filterstring by Jacob Ensor.

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