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http://www.jakeisgod.com/yubnub/aliases/jobactions.cfm?action=set&cmd=${tag=bookmark}{date -format H.M.S-m.d.y}&ucmd=%s[no url encoding]
Create a bookmark using YubNub aliases (http://www.jjefferydesign.com/aliases/ )

This can be used if you want to save URLs using your YubNub Aliases account.

The default will save a URL with the term "bookmark" and a timestamp.  If
a term other than "bookmark" is preferred, use the "-tag" switch at the end.

!bm [url] -tag [tag (optional)]

!bm http://www.yubnub.org <-- adds bookmark[timestamp] http://www.yubnub.org to your alias account.

!bm http://www.yahoo.org -tag search  <-- adds search[timestamp] http://www.yahoo.com to your alias account.

!bm http://blog.360.yahoo.com/chicagosage -tag toread

(For those familiar with YubNub aliases, this is the same as the "!set" command,
but it uses "bookmark" and a timestamp for the command name".

This is useful for quickly saving URLS.  The command "!ls bookmark" or
"!ls (your tag)" can be used to retrieve your saved bookmarks.

AUTHOR:  Chicagosage

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