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wpsite - Open a WordPress site Usage: wpsite <site_name> Note that there cannot be any spaces in the site_name argument.
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A pious city of Amrit (the elixir of immortality), Haridwar is a heart-warming place of worship especially for Hindus. Haridwar just saw the end of Ardh Kumbh Mela with a float of devotees swarming in the city. Not just for the beauty of faith in the city but the exceptional serenity of river Ganga attracts tourists to this place. If you are a traveller, a staunch devotee, out for a leisure trip away from the work load or you are just water lover, you must visit Haridwar. The beauty of flowing …
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Being a travel blogger and creative analyst, when I dig into how people see Dehradun, I decided to travel round the city by local transport. For all those who are worried about the travel expenses there, I may relieve you by saying, the local tempos (blue, numbered ones) are large in number and charge something 5 to 10 or maximum 20 rupees, to drop you in a variety of places. The local transport is frequent and comfortable. Booked autos and Ola cabs are also an option there. So no worries about…
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Even if you are an atheist, you are still bound to find a natural inkling to visit Ashrams in Haridwar. People say the aesthetic nature which flows in the air of this city is mostly reflected by the Ashrams here. The sanctuary of the place, accompanied by the pious dip in River Ganga is a matter of inner peace and joy for many. Let me tell you, you will surely enjoy the beauty of being there, spirituality or not, a feeling of intense happiness would be there for sure.
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Explain with human language configuration of a cronjob
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