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(This command has been awarded a Yubnub Golden Egg)

     % - Returns a sublist of words for a given phrase

     % [RANGE] [PHRASE] [-SILENT true]

        The format of the range parameter is:
          N     N'th word of the phrase, counted from 1
          N-    from N'th word to end of phrase
          N-M   from N'th to M'th (included) word
          -M    from first to M'th (included) word
        This syntax is is based on the Linux command CUT
        Here's the manual page: http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/Linux/man1/CUT.1.html

        The string, words separated by spaces.

     <SILENT true>
        Optional argument, if set no error message is showed when there is a mistake in the sintaxis

     % 2 Hello! how are you?
     returns: how

     % 8 nice to meet you
     returns: nothing

     % 3- a b c d e f
     returns: c d e f

     % -3 a b c d e f
     returns: a b c

     % 2-4 a b c d e f
     returns: b c d

     % 2-3-5 nice to meet you
     returns: Error!...

     % 2-3-5 nice to meet you -silent true
     returns: nothing

     Mike Nolan (idea)
     Fuska (code)

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